Tibetan Language Learning Resources

Tibetan Language Channel on YouTube,

Tibetan Alphabet App for iPhone,

Tibetan Alphabet App for Android,

Tibetan Up-to-Date App for Android,

Tibetan dictionary app for Iphone,

Learn Tibetan Video Lessons App for Android,

UBC's Learn Tibetan,

Tutorials on using the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center,

How to use the Wylie transliteration system,

The University of Toronto Tibetan Collection,


Monlam Tibetan-English Dictionary App for Android,

Digital Library of India Tibetan language resources (including some dictionaries),

Tibetan and Himalayan Library TIbetan-English online dictionary,

Christian Steinert's Tibetan-English online dictionary,

Using Tibetan print dictionaries,

Tibetan Fonts and Keyboards

Tibetan language keyboards,

Tibetan fonts,

Chris Fynn's page on the Tibetan Script,