Chapter 10: Benefitting sentient beings

Scenes from Milarepa's life, from a collection on Himalayan Art.

In Chapter 10, Milarepa's life comes to an end. In this Unit, you will read the final chapter of this abridged life story. You will memorize a traditional grammar verse and practice word sequencing for some short Tibetan sentences.

When you’re ready to study Chapter Ten, begin with 10.1 Sentence Building (no Grammar Preview this week!). With those, you should be ready to try 10.2 Reading & Translation. You should also memorize the Tibetan grammar verse, review your grammar with 10.4 Sequencing Practice, and practice your pronunciation by following along with 10.5 Reading Aloud.

Finally, in 10.6 you will watch three videos on the importance of Tibetan language preservation. For more on the hip-hop video in particular, see an article on this video on the Smithsonian Institution website.