Chapter 6: Purifying obstacles through hardship

Milarepa's "Nine-story tower", Sekhar Guthok. Lhodrak, Southern Tibet, 1996.
From Himalayan Art.

In Chapter 6, Milarepa continues to try to satisfy the demands of his teacher, Marpa, until in despair he leaves to study with another teacher. In this Unit, you will read the sixth chapter of this abridged life story while continuing to learn new grammatical constructions and expressions. You will memorize a traditional grammar verse about the pronoun དེ་, and practice word sequencing for some short Tibetan sentences. You will also learn how to count out loud in Tibetan.

When you’re ready to study Chapter Six, begin with 6.1 Grammar Preview and 6.2 Sentence Building. With those, you should be ready to try 6.3 Reading & Translation. You should also memorize the Tibetan grammar verse, review your grammar with 6.5 Sequencing Practice, and practice your pronunciation by following along with 6.6 Reading Aloud. Finally, in 6.7a and 6.7b you will learn how to count out loud in Tibetan.